05 December 2008

An insider's perspective

Having received some pictures from a previous on site employee, I thought I'd post a number, showing an insider's perspective of the NMB stadium. These include some close up shots of the roof girders in place and pictures through the girders, giving an idea of the magnificent view one will see through the perforated aluminium cladding.

A view along the upper tier towards the large Kobelco.

Through the roof girders. This is a similar view to what spectators will see through the perforated aluminium when climbing onto the 2nd tier.

Admiring the girders from the 2nd tier.

The vast girder spans almost the entire seating area, leaving only a few lower rows uncovered. Note the Y-beam in the foreground supporting the girder.

Another look through the dome-like girder as it wraps around the upper tier.

Looking across the lower tier.

The executive boxes above the first tier.

The main upper level concourse to access the 2nd tier. This is where one will be able to look out through the girders towards the city.

Another view from the upper tier across the playing pitch.

The familiar outside shot of the girders.

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