13 January 2011

The end

2nd year university at Rhodes is on the horizon for me and the workload and difficulty will only increase from here. After much deliberation, I have decided to call it quits on the blog in terms of new posts. The global recession has hit SA developments hard and the post World Cup hangover is still a reality. New developments are few and far between in SA at the moment. I leave you with this blog which could quite possibly be labeled as one of the best diaries of SA's 2010 build-up on the web. All the posts are readily available to be viewed by clicking the older posts link at the bottom of the page or the blog archive section to the right of this post. PE's World Cup stadium is obviously the focal point, yet all stadium progress has been charted in the lead up to the World Cup. In depth analysis of the architectural design and meaning of the new structures has been included in some posts. Take a stroll down memory lane and see for yourself.

22 November 2010

Change of direction

Hi all. After the closing of the World Cup, there's obviously been little to report on 2010 stadiums. All were completed timeously as we know and let's hope none become white elephants and all are used often and consistently. Being at university this year has hampered the frequency of my posts but, being back home for the holiday, I intend to post more often. I am planning to change direction now to focus on general infrastructural developments in South Africa. As we as a country try to move from developing status to developed status, great investment in infrastructure is required. Socio-economic problems can only be sorted out through job creation which in turn needs foreign investment. Infrastructure in South Africa is already far more extensive than any other country on the African continent, yet more needs to be done and is being done for SA to keep up with the times. I will not delete any stadium posts so the history of the PE stadium's development is available for view. The blog will however receive a new look highlighting its new focus.