16 August 2009

2010 preparations

Unfortunately, many of the previously posted pictures are now offline and cannot be seen. This one, courtesy of Mo Rush, showing the last of the glass panels going in at Green Point Stadium, is the last one remaining.

08 August 2009

Landscaping update

Landscaping is still underway, with the stadium itself complete. The landscaping does seem to be going at a rather slow rate however, as there are still large sections of the site unattended to. Another worrisome thing is the ‘containers’ in front of the entrance gates for searching when entering the stadium precinct on matchdays. Searches are necessary, but the ‘containers’ are a real eyesore and we can only hope that they are a temporary inclusion. Yet we must just be patient as the completion of the entire project – including surrounding roads and landscaping – is scheduled to be just before the World Cup next year. The stadium itself looks spectacular as always.