28 December 2008

Full update

Currently, 10 girders are in place after the Christmas break. The 11th is practically complete, 12th is having purlins attached, 13th about halfway complete and 14th with the first tusk-like component in place. Cladding is being attached onto the 2nd, 3rd and 4th. It is furthest done on the 3rd, with the 4th being the least complete of those on which cladding has started. As I've mentioned these next four girders will be lifted on the right hand side of the stadium, stopping the clockwise sequence that was previously being used.

The 14th with its first component. Seems a bit like deja vu.

The 12th.

Cladding on the 3rd girder. Note the beginning of cladding on the 4th girder.

From left to right, the 14th, the 11th, the 13th and the 12th.

Girders 2 and 3 with cladding attached.

A view across the lake of girders to be lifted.

A more distant perspective of the cladding on girders 2 and 3.

Around the trees.

27 December 2008

Completed pitch

First off I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas. I'm back now and ready to head with gusto into the new year. The grass for the pitch has been completed, with the synthetic 'astro-turf' still to be layed outside it. Ten girders still in place, yet more can be expected as workers get back on site after their festive holiday.

The NMB Stadium pitch in all its splendour. (Source: Nelson Mandela Bay Website)

The kikuyu grass in place. (Source: Nelson Mandela Bay Website)

20 December 2008

Quick update

Well as we head into the festive hurry, a quick update of progress on site. A skeleton staff is currently working and it seems they will work right through Christmas. We can expect girders to be lifted in the run up to Christmas. As it stands, we still have 10 girders in place, with the 11th almost ready to be lifted. Cladding of the first few girders is underway, and the first 9 girders have now been connected by the fore-girders forming the compression ring that will ultimately hold the flood lights. All that's left for me to do is to wish everyone a merry Christmas. I'll be back before new year with a full update.

14 December 2008

The pitch

The grass for the pitch has arrived on site and is currently being layed. (Pictures courtesy: Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality)

13 December 2008

4 girders in 5 days

The 10th girder was lifted this morning. This brings to an end the astounding sequence we have seen over the last five days - 4 girders having been lifted. We will now have to wait a while before the 11th can be lifted as templates need to moved and girders still need to be built. On the subject of templates, it seems the next girders will be lifted from the opposite side - lake side - of the stadium. We previously thought the liftings would carry on clockwise around the stadium but it seems now an anticlockwise direction will be adopted until a meeting point is reached.

The 10th girder is held in place by the Kobelco crane.

Another view of the girders attached.

The new steel staircases. These will be the access points to the top tier.

The 11th roof girder under construction. Note that the templates are being moved to the opposite side of the stadium.

Cladding now also being attached onto the 3rd.

The next roof girder to the right of the building.

A closer look.

Another view of the 11th girder.

As they change the skyline forever, the girders perched magnificently.

12 December 2008

The 9th

The 9th girder was lifted this morning. This creates a string of 3 girders lifted in 4 days and at this rate, there's no doubt that the March 2009 completion date will be met. We will be going down to the site tomorrow to capture the two new girders put in place since our last visit.

10 December 2008

2 girders in 2 days!

The 8th girder was lifted today.

09 December 2008

7th girder

The 7th girder was lifted this morning. With calm weather throughout the day, I see no reason why an 8th girder can't be lifted. 8 is complete, with 9 and 10 just about finished. Meanwhile cladding continues on (strangely) the 2nd girder. There is obviously a reason for the cladding to start on the second girder and not the first, but it's not very explicit to the general public.

The first 4 girders. Note the cladding on the 2nd.

Girders 2 through 7.

The death-defying antics of the truss climbers.

On the render one can see the horizontal slats of cladding being attached if one looks closely.

These men have courage beyond belief.

From a more a distant perspective. The next three girders on the right almost ready for lifting.

As they stand proudly.

A nice view of the 7th in place.

Another picture of the courageous truss climbers on the magnificent girder.

The monthly update

Here follows the countrywide update as stadia now near completion (All pics courtesy Skyscrapercity)

Soccer City Stadium

Inside view of facade (Thanks to Tadpolefarm)

Inside bowl shot (Thanks to Tadpolefarm)

Roof lifting (Thanks to Tadpolefarm)

Moses Mabhida Stadium

Aerial view (Thanks to Tadpolefarm)

Another aerial view ( Thanks to Tadpolefarm)

Green Point Stadium

Completion of compression ring (Thanks to Mo Rush)

Compression ring nearing completion. (Thanks to Mo Rush)

Mbombela Stadium

Aerial view of Mbombela bowl. (Thanks to Tadpolefarm)

Peter Mokaba Stadium

Open stand. Seating elements still to be installed. (Thanks to Rib)

Side view of grand stand as roof is lifted. (Thanks to Rib)

Back of grand stand. (Thanks to Rib)

Free State Stadium

Unfortunately, no current image updates available but I can say that roof is nearly finished and green seats have been installed. Also, the pitch is being relayed.

Royal Bafokeng Stadium

Looking towards the main stand. (Thanks to Sollo)

Ellis Park Stadium

New tier complete. Pitch currently being relayed.

Loftus Versfeld Stadium

New roof over open stand complete.

Once again see up to date pictures from the webcams

06 December 2008

Cladding started

Work has started on the aluminium cladding of the trusses, or girders. Interestingly, they started with the second girder. Meanwhile, still only six trusses have been lifted. However, four more are either ready for lifting or very close to completion.

Slats of aluminium cladding being applied.

A closer view of the cladding.

The fore-girder, or catwalk, now links the front ends of all six of the girders that are in place.

Some of the completed girders waiting to be lifted.

A distant view of the four girders and the six alread in place.

An end-on view of the girders.

Meanwhile, this shot shows the south side of the stadium nearing completion, while work on widening the road can be seen in the foreground.

A quick update on the Newton Park swimming pool, where all the trusses are now in place.

A side-view of the pool.