06 December 2008

Cladding started

Work has started on the aluminium cladding of the trusses, or girders. Interestingly, they started with the second girder. Meanwhile, still only six trusses have been lifted. However, four more are either ready for lifting or very close to completion.

Slats of aluminium cladding being applied.

A closer view of the cladding.

The fore-girder, or catwalk, now links the front ends of all six of the girders that are in place.

Some of the completed girders waiting to be lifted.

A distant view of the four girders and the six alread in place.

An end-on view of the girders.

Meanwhile, this shot shows the south side of the stadium nearing completion, while work on widening the road can be seen in the foreground.

A quick update on the Newton Park swimming pool, where all the trusses are now in place.

A side-view of the pool.



by the look of it it is going to be one of the great stadiums of the world


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