13 December 2008

4 girders in 5 days

The 10th girder was lifted this morning. This brings to an end the astounding sequence we have seen over the last five days - 4 girders having been lifted. We will now have to wait a while before the 11th can be lifted as templates need to moved and girders still need to be built. On the subject of templates, it seems the next girders will be lifted from the opposite side - lake side - of the stadium. We previously thought the liftings would carry on clockwise around the stadium but it seems now an anticlockwise direction will be adopted until a meeting point is reached.

The 10th girder is held in place by the Kobelco crane.

Another view of the girders attached.

The new steel staircases. These will be the access points to the top tier.

The 11th roof girder under construction. Note that the templates are being moved to the opposite side of the stadium.

Cladding now also being attached onto the 3rd.

The next roof girder to the right of the building.

A closer look.

Another view of the 11th girder.

As they change the skyline forever, the girders perched magnificently.

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