23 January 2010

A long, long time

Hi all. Yeah I know it's been a really long time since I last posted and I don't really have any excuses either. I suppose the matric exams affected the regularity, but since I should have kept all up to date, and I apologise for not doing so. I am going to do two posts in the next few days. This one will encompass stadium landscaping and the Newton Park pool progress. I will also post on the completion of every stadium, as all are now finished and ready for action.

Ground outside the western entrance ready for grassing.

Newly grassed and tarred areas alongside the stadium.

The long grass on the slopes leading up to the cauldron.

Due for paving outside the precinct.

Still to be grassed.

Sections of the surrounding areas have already been paved.

Paved entrance leading in.

More of the long grass and lighting tastefully added alongside the structure.

BRT work on surrounding roads.

The newly refurbished Newton Park swimming pool.

Inside the now covered arena.

Pool being retiled. All that's left is for this tiling work to be completed. Thereafter, the water can come in.