24 May 2009

Blueprint for the future...

Things started as pipe dreams. They started as plans and visions. Now they are almost complete. I think that it is now a fitting time to take a trip down memory lane, to the beginning, to when the first sods were turned. The PE stadium is practically finished. I think that there is no real point to taking any more pictures of the stadium until June 7th when the open day will allow access to the tiers. The British Lions game on the 16th will be another great oppurtunity to capture the stadium in action. But these events are a number of weeks away, and what happens after them. Is that the end? No, I obviously plan to keep everyone updated on the other stadia nearing completion, as well as posting about the Confederations Cup as it takes place in South Africa. My plan is also to, one by one put together a series of pictures and comments describing the progress of the new 2010 stadia, the controversies, the difficulties endured at each new SA build. From the beginning, the first sod, to where we stand today. So expect posts on each new SA stadium: Soccer City, Green Point, Moses Mabhida, Nelson Mandela Bay, Mbombela, Peter Mokaba. Expect posts that capture what happened to get each stadium to where we currently stand.

19 May 2009

New pictures.

There are many new pictures of stadium construction progress around at the moment. They are breathtaking shots that show the great beauty of our stadia. They are all from SkyscraperCity and the forumer who posted them is credited in the caption. Here they are:

The black lines of seats on the lower tier line up with the transparent line of panels on the outer facade. Each line of transparent panels points to the 9 other World Cup host stadia, as well as the venue of the previous final, the Olympiastadion in Berlin. Courtesy: Mo Rush

Facade now 80% complete. Courtesy: African Biohazard

Note the transparent lines (many of the panels making up the transparent lines still have plastic wrapper on them). Courtesy: African Biohazard

Aerial view of Mbombela Stadium. Courtesy: Tadpolefarm

Courtesy: Tadpolefarm

First roof glass being installed at Green Point. Courtesy: City of Cape Town

Intricate roof of Moses Mabhida. Note the white membrane roof covering just visible. Courtesy: Sharksboy

Peter Mokaba Complex. Courtesy: Mo Rush

14 May 2009


As girders and roof sheeting come together to form a final product, the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium begins to resemble a Sunflower, each girder being a petal. On 7 June she will be opened for the first time to allow people to see her. On 16 June, sportsmen will grace her stage for the first time. What once was a mere dream, a mere illusion, something none of us thought would ever happen, is now a reality. The Sunflower has arrived.

Her west side.

Ramp off the new podium/bridge built for the VIP guests.

In the foreground, roads being redone, in the background, the sunflower endures.

The glass chasm. Shatterproof glass is being fitted around all major entrances.

Her east side. Nearly there.

A view of the new ramp from the other side. Note the road underneath. VIP guests will arrive at the stadium on this road and go in through the carpark to the left.

10 May 2009

Preparing for 2010

Finally I'm starting to see movement in terms of 2010 publicity. The first World Cup ad banners are being placed along PE's major roads. The imposing presence of the new stadium is clear when driving into the city on the Settler's Way freeway. Equally impressive are the new cranes at the now functioning Coega harbour. A new-age harbour that can take the new-age supertanker which is up to 400m long. The harbour is also 80m deep allowing for much larger ships than the current harbour. Here follow a few pictures.

One of many ad banners in place along Cape Road.

The imposing presence of the new stadium the through the buildings.

Coming in.

Cranes at the new-age Coega harbour.

04 May 2009

Almost done

These striking pictures, courtesy of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, show a stadium that is practically finished, almost ready to welcome the world at its inauguration on June 16th when it hosts the British and Irish Lions against a coastal XV. The roof is now in its final stretch, big screens are up, final grassing to be done and most interior works are finished. It is now a stadium of true pedigree, a stadium that will put PE and South Africa on the map, a stadium to be marvelled at.

01 May 2009

Outside views of our 10 world cup stadia...

I remember before the 2006 FIFA World Cup, checking the different venues to be used in that tournament. The views were from the outside, showing the full masterpiece of a stadium to be used. There was one picture per stadium and that picture showed off the full size, full magnificence of the stadium. I am going to attempt to do that here. One outside, far off/aerial shot for each of our 10 world cup stadia (Perhaps 2 if available). Here goes...

Soccer City

The flagship - Johannesburg. Courtesy: Mo Rush

Green Point Stadium

Majestic elegance of Cape Town. Courtesy: Joanne and City of Cape Town

Moses Mabhida Stadium

Exuberence of Durban. Courtesy: Grantl

Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium

PE - the new landmark. Courtesy: Energizerbuddy007

Ellis Park Stadium

The victorious history. Courtesy: Lefa

Mbombela Stadium

African Elegance. I have a close affinity to the Mbombela Stadium. It is a remarkable, truly African structure and a perfect venue for watching football. An awesome, awesome stadium and I personally rank it above a number of the larger builds as one of my ultimate favourites. Courtesy: Tadpolefarm

Peter Mokaba Stadium

Baobab brilliance - Polokwane. Another of the truly African builds. The baobab-like roof connection is another ingenious concept. Courtesy: Pule

Free State Stadium

World class. The new roofed tier has turned this into a world class venue. Courtesy: Mo Rush

Royal Bafokeng Stadium

The newly redeveloped Royal Bafokeng Stadium. Another absolute beaut. Courtesy: Pule.

Loftus Versfeld Stadium

Perfect footballing venue. All seats still to be replaced.

So there they are, all ten stages on which the greatest show on earth will be played. Marvel at the architectural variety. From the Jo'burg colossus of Soccer City to the exuberence of the arched Moses Mabhida to the truly African feel of Mbombela and Peter Mokaba to the pure elegance of Green Point. They will all be finished before the year is out. Four are already finished and ready for action.