10 May 2009

Preparing for 2010

Finally I'm starting to see movement in terms of 2010 publicity. The first World Cup ad banners are being placed along PE's major roads. The imposing presence of the new stadium is clear when driving into the city on the Settler's Way freeway. Equally impressive are the new cranes at the now functioning Coega harbour. A new-age harbour that can take the new-age supertanker which is up to 400m long. The harbour is also 80m deep allowing for much larger ships than the current harbour. Here follow a few pictures.

One of many ad banners in place along Cape Road.

The imposing presence of the new stadium the through the buildings.

Coming in.

Cranes at the new-age Coega harbour.

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john said...

I don't think the new Harbour is 80 Metres deep,as per your comment but more like 18 Metres. You have done a good job on this project, well done. John Robbins