14 May 2009


As girders and roof sheeting come together to form a final product, the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium begins to resemble a Sunflower, each girder being a petal. On 7 June she will be opened for the first time to allow people to see her. On 16 June, sportsmen will grace her stage for the first time. What once was a mere dream, a mere illusion, something none of us thought would ever happen, is now a reality. The Sunflower has arrived.

Her west side.

Ramp off the new podium/bridge built for the VIP guests.

In the foreground, roads being redone, in the background, the sunflower endures.

The glass chasm. Shatterproof glass is being fitted around all major entrances.

Her east side. Nearly there.

A view of the new ramp from the other side. Note the road underneath. VIP guests will arrive at the stadium on this road and go in through the carpark to the left.