30 March 2009

Better from afar

As the stadium nears completion, the full impact of the mighty structure is lost as one moves in towards it. It is better to be seen from afar. The landscaping – paving, lamp posts - is progressing well as can be seen in the above pictures.

22 March 2009

An almost complete stadium.

The Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium is now officially in the finishing touches phase. With the lifting of the last roof girder came the end of full scale construction. Now its about completing the roof membranes, landscaping and surrounding roads, as well as internal finishing touches.

Ant-like truss climbers.

The newly girdered corner.

The newly completed corner.

The pedestrian bridge coming on nicely.

From outside - an imposing structure.

On the shores of the lake, this guy eats up the skyline.

The supreme structure.

Changing our skyline forever.

21 March 2009

SA 2010

How are our stadia looking?

Green Point:

Courtesy: Mo Rush

Courtesy: FromJoanne

Moses Mabhida:

All courtesy: Grantl

Soccer City:

Courtesy: African Biohazard


All courtesy: Tadpolefarm

Peter Mokaba:

All courtesy: Tadpolefarm


Courtesy: Mo Rush

Royal Bafokeng:

Both courtesy: Tadpolefarm

Free State:

Both courtesy: Mo Rush

Ellis Park:

Courtesy: Mo Rush.

And, of course, don't forget ours...

Pretty good.

14 March 2009

Girder mission accomplished

This week saw the lifting of the last of the 36 girders. Meanwhile cladding, installation of the PTFE membrane and surrounding civils work is continuing apace. So here are a few images of the completed oval. Enjoy.

The view from Glindinningvale.

The last girder, with messages from the various contractors attached.

The south-east corner finally completed.

View from the suburb. A very impressive new presence on the Port Elizabeth landscape.

Cladding and membrane installation nears completion on the north-west corner.

Work is ongoing on the covered entrance on the North End lake side.

A close-up of the entrance work.

Cladding on the lake side.

It's work complete, just the tip of the giant Kobelco crane is visible behind the completed north-east corner.

The view from the south-east.

Preparations for brick paving on the southern side.

13 March 2009

As I promised...

Above are the pictures promised of the lifting of that last girder. (Pictures courtesy: Nelson Mandela Bay municipality)

11 March 2009

Last girder

The last of the 36 girders was put in place this morning. Unfortunately, no pictures have been released as of yet. Expect pics of the landmark in the coming days.

07 March 2009

3 more

3 more girders to be lifted. One was lifted this morning. The other 3 will be up by the end of this week! Meanwhile cladding, PTFE installation and landscaping continue unabated.

An awesome aerial photograph of progress from earlier this week. (Courtesy: Nelson Mandela Bay municipal website)

From another angle. (Also courtesy Nelson Mandela Bay municipal website)

Progress on the cladding is quickening as it now moves its way around this corner.

Cladding and PTFE in place at this, the Northern side.

Progress on cladding also moving around the other side as can be seen in this picture.

The gap closing. 3 more and its filled.

One can see the installation of the glass facade panels when looking down the line of girders.

Paving about to be put in place.

The familiar angle showing the full beauty.