01 March 2009

Something never seen before...

I came to a conclusion yesterday, while on site athe NMB Stadium. It is a stadium that goes beyond the norm of stadiums. It is the sort of structure that is very scarce the world over. And to think that a colossal engineering feat like this can be found in the unlikely place of Port Elizabeth... The beauty of this guy goes beyond words, beyond superlatives. It is something to be proud of. And now, with only 5 roof girders left to be lifted, the last one of these to go in place on 8 March, one can really get a sense of the complete football stadium. A stadium, that could have only ever been thought of as a farfetched dream when the first artists' impressions were released. But let me stop rambling, and let the pictures take hold.

Attaching the PTFE onto the girder protrusions. Each girder protrusion has a string from the PTFE membrane which is attached onto it. Thereafter, gaps between the PTFE and girder are filled in with further PTFE membrane which is welded onto the girder.

Holes dug for rugby posts and soccer goals. The concrete caps seeable behind these holes are for the attachment of a safety net to protect spectators from stray balls.

At work attaching the cladding. This cladding scaffolding can be lifted in one piece and moved along.

Ground works and pillars for the pedestrian bridge.

Inside one of the executive suites.

The main entrance hall.

The main concourse through which people will walk to find the access vomitories for their seats.

Kiosk hatches on the right for half-time.


jeniffer said...

This stadium is amazing, is there someone who got a technical draw?
my msn is jeniffer33@msn.com

Thank u

Stadium Watch said...

Hiya Jeniffer, sorry bout the delayed response. I'm afraid I don't have a technical drawing. If you live in PE, go to the site office. There you'll be able to see technical drawings