14 March 2009

Girder mission accomplished

This week saw the lifting of the last of the 36 girders. Meanwhile cladding, installation of the PTFE membrane and surrounding civils work is continuing apace. So here are a few images of the completed oval. Enjoy.

The view from Glindinningvale.

The last girder, with messages from the various contractors attached.

The south-east corner finally completed.

View from the suburb. A very impressive new presence on the Port Elizabeth landscape.

Cladding and membrane installation nears completion on the north-west corner.

Work is ongoing on the covered entrance on the North End lake side.

A close-up of the entrance work.

Cladding on the lake side.

It's work complete, just the tip of the giant Kobelco crane is visible behind the completed north-east corner.

The view from the south-east.

Preparations for brick paving on the southern side.

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