28 December 2008

Full update

Currently, 10 girders are in place after the Christmas break. The 11th is practically complete, 12th is having purlins attached, 13th about halfway complete and 14th with the first tusk-like component in place. Cladding is being attached onto the 2nd, 3rd and 4th. It is furthest done on the 3rd, with the 4th being the least complete of those on which cladding has started. As I've mentioned these next four girders will be lifted on the right hand side of the stadium, stopping the clockwise sequence that was previously being used.

The 14th with its first component. Seems a bit like deja vu.

The 12th.

Cladding on the 3rd girder. Note the beginning of cladding on the 4th girder.

From left to right, the 14th, the 11th, the 13th and the 12th.

Girders 2 and 3 with cladding attached.

A view across the lake of girders to be lifted.

A more distant perspective of the cladding on girders 2 and 3.

Around the trees.

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The Stroud Family said...

Keep up the excellent blogging, Luke. Have enjoyed your progress reports tremendously. And pass my regards on to your mum!