09 December 2008

7th girder

The 7th girder was lifted this morning. With calm weather throughout the day, I see no reason why an 8th girder can't be lifted. 8 is complete, with 9 and 10 just about finished. Meanwhile cladding continues on (strangely) the 2nd girder. There is obviously a reason for the cladding to start on the second girder and not the first, but it's not very explicit to the general public.

The first 4 girders. Note the cladding on the 2nd.

Girders 2 through 7.

The death-defying antics of the truss climbers.

On the render one can see the horizontal slats of cladding being attached if one looks closely.

These men have courage beyond belief.

From a more a distant perspective. The next three girders on the right almost ready for lifting.

As they stand proudly.

A nice view of the 7th in place.

Another picture of the courageous truss climbers on the magnificent girder.

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