18 October 2008

A view from the top.

Trusswork is still slowly commencing. It's astonishing the amount of stuff that has to be added before the truss can be deemed ready for lift-off. It's also somewhat irritating, after expecting some movement towards the stadium structure, to see the truss still securely fastened to the template. Currently, steel cabling is being added I assume for the perforated aluminium cladding. Otherwise, seats are being installed on the top tier and our 'View from the top' shows this, as well as the general stadium bowl, very clearly.

Our view from the top. Note the red seats in place and the imposing superstructure.
Fastening cabling to the truss.
A worker completing the modifications on the template. 2 new 'arms' are being added to each template, as well as attachment points for the trusses.
While we were at it, we thought we'd update everyone on the progress down at the Newton Park swimming pool. It's due to get a roof and a transparent facade. It will be a heated, Olympic sized swimming pool and will be used in 2010 by players and tourists. It will be a great asset to the city.
Preparations for the roof installation at the pool.

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