22 October 2008

And then there were two.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that work on the second truss has gone well since our last visit, with the first few major components secured on the template. Next to it, most of the "ribs" have now been attached to the first truss, though there are still a few to go. The aluminium cladding, will apparently be added once the truss is in place on the stadium structure, meaning things are just about ready for (and maybe it's stupid of me to pre-empt this) the truss to be lifted. This weekend?

Note the far truss with most of the 'ribs' attached. In the foreground, the new truss taking shape.

A behind angle of the 'rib' bearing truss.

The two trusses stand side by side.

A close up shot of the new truss.


Anonymous said...

Awesome blog guys. Congratulations.
Will definately check out progress everyday. David

Mike said...

Hallo Luke. You posted a question on one of my blogs about a month ago regarding a set of golf clubs I bought in PE nogal :-).

I've posted an answer, probably too late, at http://southafricagolf.blogspot.com/2008/04/my-new-clubs.html?showComment=1224769980000#c8609542060799887801.

I followed your Blogger profile to your blog and I'm most impressed. What a great idea. You write very well, perhaps you should consider a career in journalism? Or is architecture or engineering where you're heading?

If you ever travel to my valley you're welcome to join me at my home club, Royal Port Alfred, for a round (and your dad?). As a 'guest' of a member you pay virtually half-price. I'm twice your age, but won't mind learning to play the game from a younger generation!

I appreciate your approach to the 2010 tournament and share in your excitement. Keep up the great blog.

Stadium Watch said...

Thanks a lot David. I hope it's helpful. Some of the terminology is not so great, but I've set up a meeting on site with an on-site engineer and he'll give me a tour and tell me all the correct terminology.

Yeah I've since bought the clubs, the Spalding ones. They are very good especially for a golfer of my skill level. Previously, I was playing with blade irons we borrowed from a friend which aren't suitable for me so the purchase has definitely helped me. Although I still am a beginner, I really enjoy the game. I actually saw the clubs a while back at Game. They looked good and wanted to get a 'review' of them before I bought them. So I checked on the internet and found your blog which has really helped me so thanks a lot for putting it together.

Ja well we do travel through Port Alfred quite often on the way to East London. Not sure what my parents would think about it but that sounds like a good idea. First I've gotta get through exams though.
Anyway, thanks for the post and keep visiting.