04 October 2008

Tusks waiting for the elephant

Pieces of the first roof truss are finally being added to the template. The template has now been strengthened with two extra beams and the truss is currently being built on it. Two pieces, as can be seen in the pictures, are now attached. We were down there while the second piece was being added. Note the resemblance of the pieces to elephant tusks!

The first two pieces of the roof truss, the outer edges. This picture was taken as they were lifting the right hand section into place.

The same view with the right hand piece now securely fastened.

Fastening the piece onto the template.

The section being lowered into place.

Another picture of the section being put into place.

The front of the truss being fastened into place.

A closer view

A man stands perilously on the template, directing the piece into its fastening socket.

Another picture of the front fastening procedure.

Putting things into perspective. The two pieces that have been attached to the template are the far left and right pieces when looking at the roof trusses from behind in this picture. The central piece has yet to be added, as well as the triangular cross beams.

Lastly, looking through the interior of the stadium with the roof complete. Should make for an amazing sight.

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