01 October 2008

The beginning of the roof

The roof seems to be the current stumbling block in construction. However, the weather was pretty good today so we decided to go down to the site and see how the roof was going. We found workers feverishly putting roof truss parts together and, for the first time, saw the Kobelco at work. So this post is really just proof that there is something happening on the roof, though it is painfully slow.

Workers welding a new arm onto the template. We assume the template as it stood was deemed not strong enough to hold a roof truss.

A close up of the welding, sparks flying!

A familiar view around the corner of the stadium.

3 gentlemen trying to line up two pieces of the roof truss for them to be connected. You could almost liken the construction of these trusses to putting together pieces of a Meccano set, except these pieces each weigh about 10 tons!

The Kobelco lowering a piece to the ground.

Another view of the connection.

Some bolts going in place to hold the two together.

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