29 June 2009

The surrounds

Now that the stadium is complete, the emphasis falls on the landscaping and surroundings of the stadium. This is receiving much attention as we speak and is progressing well. Since my last visit to the stadium, for the British Lions match against the Southern Kings, there has been much progress including the completion of the entrances on Milner Avenue, Fettes Road and Prince Alfred Road, the erection of a palisade fence around the stadium precinct and the grassing of the slopes around the stadium.


Gauteng said...

Beautiful, I would be there for 2010 even if I don't get tickets to the SWC.

Anonymous said...

I will definitely visit South Africa during the world cup 2010, especially Port Elizabeth. I'm from Madagascar!
Cheer up Africa! It's our continent!

Tinus le Roux said...

Hi Luke
Great blog! Keep up the good work.
Trying to contact you on Skyscraper, but the registration does not seem to get through.
Please drop me a mail - I have an idea that might interest you regarding a virtual tour of the stadium.