12 June 2009

Semi-final venues

Latest pictures of our two semi-final venues. Note the progress of the roofs, as well as the contrast between the two roofs. The Moses Mabhida roof uses no trusses or girders, it is fully supported by the arch. The Green Point roof has girders, however these girders are literally hanging off the compression ring. The base member of all 72 Green Point Stadium girders is a steel cable! A 4000 ton roof is supported by cables!!!

Moses Mabhida Masterclass. Membrane covering now well underway.

Green Point aerials. At the base of each girder, nothing is visible. The cable blends in well with background. It's almost as if the roof is floating above the stands.

All pics courtesy: Mo Rush


Anonymous said...

Hi Luke, thanks for a great site that makes us all proud. Any idea what the plan is for the old PE rugby stadium, now that it is clearly in the dark ages?

protocolinpractice said...

Hey Luke - great blog - hope my story will drive some traffic your way


Stadium Watch said...

Thanks a lot guys. Wow, thanks for the mention in your story Colin (hope that's your name:-) ). Um, I've heard there are plans to demolish it and use the area for an International Convention Centre, although I haven't heard much more about that. As far as I know for now, the plan is to demolish the stadium after 2010.