05 June 2009

History of the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium.

I haven't been able to post for a while now, exam pressures have taken their toll. I now however have some time to do a post. Sunday is the open day for the new World Cup Stadium. It is an absolute masterpiece. This is what you can expect at night matches in a year's time.

Yeah that's where we are now. Took my breath away too. She's an absolute beauty. Courtesy: Mo Rush.

But how did we get there. Where did things start? Well we've been tracking the progress of the stadium since the first sod was turned. What follows is a series of pictures starting in late 2006 to now. Enjoy the ride.

As can be seen from these pictures taken in May 2007, no concrete work has started as of yet. Piling is underway and earthworks are now practically complete. At this stage, no one could imagine the finished product would turn out as those first three pics show.

In 3 short months, 6 tower cranes have been erected. This marks the start of the main construction phase. Earthworks are over, piling is nearly complete and columns are now going up.

Into October and she's starting to take shape. First raker beams going in, as well as sections of moat. As can be seen in the 2nd last pic, the ground concourse is now also taking shape.

Into the peak period in December. 8 tower cranes in operation, close to 1500 workers on site, raker beams going in, seating elements being placed and columns sprouting like mushrooms.

Moving into the latter stages of the main construction period in early 2008. Seating elements going in place and 2nd tier now well underway.

Looking more and more like a stadium into May 2008. Second tier about a third complete.

July, and the bowl is forming.

Come the beginning of October, steel for the roof is in place, jigs are in place and the massive blue Kobelco crane has been erected. The beginning of roof construction is imminent.

Girders going up in December.

And now, all girders up, cladding and membrane practically complete.

The final chapter in these picture sets will be posted on Sunday, after the Open Day.

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