01 February 2009

Now we're into the twenties

Yip, this morning number 20 was lifted. We went down yesterday afternoon, with 19 in place at that time. Kobelco was ready, strapped in place for the lifting of number 20. Meanwhile, we have cladding going up on the others, with the PTFE moving along nicely between the cladding.

The Kobelco, ready and waiting, with number 20. Number 21 in the background, number 22 in the foreground.

Number 23.

The nose of number 22. Note the span of the overhanging girders.

The splendid PTFE membrane.

The alternating girder/PTFE covering.

A corner of the awesome landmark.

Going down the aisle to number 19.

Some excavations taking place. We believe this is for the bridge to be built as part of the landscaping of the site. In the background, the awaiting girders.

The magnificence.

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Yuri Goes Rawr Rawr =D said...

hi there..im doing a research on a stadium and i'm interested in studying on this stadium...would u mind telling me the name of this stadium???