08 February 2009

Moving along...

Things are moving along well, with number 22 having been lifted this morning. Otherwise, cladding, PTFE, as well as outside landscaping are becoming the focus as we move in earnest towards the likely April/May completion date.

Arriving at the current 'action-end' of the stadium, one is greeted by an awesome sight. In this case, 22 is ready for lifting, with 23, 24 and 25 nearing the vital stage.

The cantilevered roof provides cover for the majority of the spectators. The finished product can be seen in this picture. Cladding is continuing at a much faster rate, now moving around this corner.

Complete and ready for action.

PTFE in place.

Scaffolding as cladding is attached to more girders.

The beautiful finished product. A somewhat worrisome thing however, maybe not properly seeable in this size picture, is the gaps between PTFE and cladding. One hopes they will be filled in.

Further preparation for the construction of the interlinking bridge.


fubar said...

yo dude. is the stadium webcam offline? i get a pic from 6 feb

Stadium Watch said...

hey fubar. looks like it is I'm afraid...

stadiumworker@iafrica.com said...

Hi Luke - great website.
The gap that you refer to between membrane and cladding will be closed up with fabric (membrane) closure pieces.
This is part of the detail design of the structure - there are drawings for each closure piece and how it is to be fitted.
(Drop me an email c/o the email address above.)

Zeeq said...

nice job dude,