25 January 2009

19 roof girders in place.

The above pictures show that more than half the girders are now in place. I remember when watching the painstaking operation of putting the first girder together and wondering how on earth 36 would be assembled and lifted before the Lions tour in June (the PE match in that tour being the earmarked opening match for this stadium) let alone the planned deadline of March this year. It seems my worries and I’m sure many other peoples’ worries over that time period were unwarranted as now these girders are going up at a somewhat astonishing rate. The PTFE membrane is now also being attached between the girders, with cladding continuing to progress well. As usual the upcoming batch of girders 20, 21 and 22 are being put together at an impressive rate, meaning we should see a few more liftings this coming week.

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