07 January 2009

11th truss

The 11th truss was lifted yesterday morning and we were able to get down that afternoon to once again marvel at the precision engineering involved when these trusses are put together and lifted. On my part, I haven't stated often enough the amazing job our on site engineers are doing in lifting these extremely complex structures. The process engineering of lifting a roof truss is often taken for granted, yet it is highly complex engineering involved to pull off a lift. I doff my cap to these stellar members of society. The other 3 trusses are now complete and ready for lifting with the majority of the steel in place. When down there, the last of the steel purlins were being lifted into place on the 14th truss. Meanwhile, the perforated aluminium cladding is well progressed on trusses 2, 3 and 4. All in all, roofing at this point is about 30% complete, with the connection of the PTFE membrane to begin imminently.

The 11th truss sunning itself on the stadium superstructure.

Truss numbers 12 and 13 ready for the intense lift.

Truss number 14, the deja vu truss, almost complete with the last of the steel purlins going in place.

An outer perspective of the aligned trusses.

A further view of the 14th, with cladding on the background.

The three cladded trusses.


Pule said...

Nice blog buddy. Wish that this stadium could still be one of those tobe used for Confederations Cup.

Stadium Watch said...

Thanks a lot Pule. Yeah it is a pity, especially for all PE locals as we would have seen world class soccer in a world class stadium.