18 September 2008

Stadium seats!!!

Stadium seats have arrived. The red seats of five different shades, manufactured in China are currently being installed at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium. This signals the beginning of the finishing touches as the skeleton structure is now practically complete. As seen in our last posts. The Kobelco is up and ready for action. The roof is the last real hurdle for contractors. As can also be seen in the pictures, preparations for the pitch have started in earnest with grass expected to be layed in about November/December. Thereafter, completion of the roof as well as internal finishing touches will take us to that magical date of March 30 when the stadium will be pronounced ready for action.
Organised red goodness. Note the groundworks taking place on the pitch itself. This is for the drainage system.

Here's a great view of the different shades of red used for the seats.

Henry's toilet... (French fan)Looking towards the north, one sees three groups of seats - all of which can be sat on. (if one so wishes)

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