06 September 2008

Components of mega crane arrive

Components for the massive crane ready for assembly
Another view of the sections of the mega crane.

Two girders ready on site. Girder being a part of the truss that will be assembled together with other components.
More girders on site having arrived last week
Girders - ready and waiting

More of the components
One of the four templates on which the roof trusses will be assembled
One of the minor truss components being delivered using a forklift truck
The component being moved with the stadium in the background

The crane about to be assembled has a 600-ton capacity. It will be used to lift the roof trusses from the templates you see in the pictures. About half of the pieces to assemble the crane are now on site. The other half is arriving on Tuesday. Assembly should be complete by next weekend and we can expect the first roof trusses to be lifted by the weekend. Pictures on the progress will follow showing the truss being lifted and, finally, the truss in place.

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