10 September 2008

Mega Crane: Update

The final components of the mega crane, which will be used to raise the roof trusses into position atop PE's 2010 stadium, have arrived!

Here one can clearly see the winch section of the soon-to-be-assembled mega crane.

Some of the weights (we assume) which will be used to on the 600-ton capacity crane.

In the background can be seen the mobile part of the crane on which the boom will be mounted.

A close-up of the crane's control cabin. Note the tank-like tracks on either side.

The templates (grey) around which the trusses (white) are being assembled. Note the circular shape near the ground in the distance. Presumably this will be lifted onto the template where the rest of the truss will be assembled. There will be 36 trusses in all.


Sir Paul said...

Excellent work Luke, please keep me up to date, it is great to see the growth that has been achieved. Of course there are many questions on whether we will be able to pull this one off, but we need to be doing all we can to ensure football takes it's rightful place within South Africa, and being the people's sport, it should be at the top, finacially too.

Stadium Watch said...

Thanks Sir Paul. We will indeed do our best to keep PE up to date with regards to 2010 and, in particular, our stadium.

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