12 November 2008

So what's happening countrywide?

All images courtesy Skyscrapercity. All pictures have been taken within the last month.

Green Point Stadium

The definite wavy facade and tier shape of the green point stadium. (Courtesy: Mo Rush)

The compression ring forming atop the outer facade pillars. This is the baginning of the Green Point Stadium roof. (Courtesy: Mo Rush)

Soccer City Stadium

Soccer City's calabash facade taking shape. (Courtesy: Mo Rush)

A close up of Soccer City's roof. (Courtesy: Mo Rush)

Mbombela Stadium

Mbombela Stadium East stand. (Courtesy: Tadpolefarm)

Mbombela Stadium with 6 (one third of full 18) giraffe necks in place. Note the magnificent backdrop. (Courtesy: Tadpolefarm)

Free State Stadium

New roof taking shape. (Courtesy: Willayster)

Far side view of new roof and tier. (Courtesy: Willayster)

Near side view. (Courtesy: Willayster)

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