08 November 2008

Second one up

The second truss was lifted into place today. We only got down to the site once it was in place, but it is an awesome sight to behold. Meanwhile, the third truss is almost complete, with the last of the purlins (ribs) going into place, and the fourth truss is underway. The template that supported the first truss has now been moved around the corner of the stadium. One can now see the beginnings of a conveyor belt, with trusses being built and lifted regularly. And while we're on the topic of roofs, roof construction has started at the Newton Park Swimming Pool so we thought we'd add some pictures of that.

Approaching the newly lifted roof truss. Note the empty template in the foreground, having been moved this past week.

The nearly completed third roof truss in the foreground and the fourth truss underway in the background.

The truss in place.

Another view. Note the high scaffolding to the right.

From a more distant perspective. The Kobelco still supporting the weight as it's attached to the main stadium structure.

Renderings of the complete Newton Park pool.

The roof structure going up for the Newton Park Swimming Pool.


Anonymous said...

Hi Luke. Great site you have set up. So have you had any input from the contractor on whether they can speed up the rate of installation as if we keep going with the steel at 1 per week and then still have to add the cladding and roof membrane, the Lions tour will be going elsewhere next June (I calculate that with holidays the roof is unlikely to be completed before September next year). Obviously they should speed up as they get better at the erection process but it doesn't look likely they can catch up more than around 3 months which means end of the June at the earliest. That would be a real pity as the more exposure we get the better.

Stadium Watch said...

Hi there. Thanks a lot. Yeah that is the problem. These trusses are extremely intricate, making the process of lifting and assembly very difficult. i have no doubt the process will speed up. With summer comes less wind and that's what's mainly been holding the contractor back up till now. The roofs are being put together and lifted by specialist workers known as steel workers and I wouldn't be surprised if these specialist roof workers carried on through Christmas without delay. Obviously the Lions tour is the important tour with regards to the stadium, but remember the deadline is still end of March next year and the main contractors will incur hefty penalties if they don't meet that deadline. So as much as it seems impossible, it's in the best interest of the contractors to work much quicker than they are currently. The target is 1 every 3 days and over the December, probably the peak truss month, that equates to 10 trusses in the month. The cladding and membrane roof will be added to the trusses as they are lifted so that when the final one is lifted, probably more than 30 trusses will be cladded and complete. By then interior and pitchwork will also have finished. So all in all I believe it's still possible. I suppose we'll see in the coming months. Thanks for posting.