19 May 2010

Sculptures installed

With just three weeks to kick-off, things are indeed starting to take shape in Port Elizabeth, but roadworks still seem to be the stumbling block. However, the two steel sculptures near the airport have been installed, with work on the airport road (Allister Miller Drive) and the important Heugh Road through Walmer all but complete. Here are some pictures taken on Tuesday, May 18.

The top section of a football is meant to be depicted in this sculpture on a traffic circle near the Port Elizabeth airport. The metal flags seem to point in the direction of the stadium.

A close-up view of one of the two sculptures.

Fettes Road is all but ready, with colourful bunting now in place.

Alfred Road remains a problem, despite the pretty bunting.

Paving work at the Milner Avenue entrance nears completion. The containers visible here behind a pallisade fence we have been told will house a massive back-up generator.

Cabling work at the media centre continues.

Earthworks next to the North End lake.

More bare earth next to the lake.

The nearly completed Milner Avenue entrance.

Another view down troublesome Alfred Road.

The map of Africa becomes a head, heading a ball in these attractive banners.

Further afield, in Govan Mbeki Avenue, the weeds in the centre island are nearly as high as the young trees. A deal was signed on May 18 between the taxi industry and the city council on the implementation of the bus transit system.

Bunting has also gone up on Shark Rock Pier at Hobie Beach.

Another view of the pier.

Danger signs. Some of the wooden railings on the pier are badly rotted, while the rust has crept into steel fixtures.

Colourful bunting along Allister Miller Drive.

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